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Development Philosophy

The most powerful measure in creating value is the development and redevelopment. On a property-by-property basis  we focus should be on the optimization of operational and fiancial performance by planning and and implementing a sustainable leasing strategy.  A major precondition is the development of the best utilisation concept to eliminate existing limitations and to optimize the planning and building permits.

The degree of the (re-)development depends on the risk profile of the respective investmenmt strategy:

If the investor’s stragey is driven by trading the asset, we suggest to limit the (re-)development to the stages of development concept, building and planning permit and pre-leasing.  These measures will create significant value within a limited timeframe and with limited up-front capital investments.  They will furthermore make the advanced property more liquid, appealing to both,  developers and end-investors.

Is the investment strategy more focused on long-term stable cash flows through holding the asset,  the best value can be created by following a consistent strategy thrughout the full chain of development and construction.  Efforts then focus on the efficient execution in line with time schedule and budget.