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Development Philosophy

The most powerful measure in creating value is the development and redevelopment. On a property-by-property basis we focus should be on the optimization of operational and fiancial performance by planning and and implementing a sustainable leasing strategy.

A major precondition is the development of the best utilisation concept to eliminate existing limitations and to optimize the planning and building permits.

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Develompent Approach

To maintain and optimise the economic efficiency of any real estate portfolio, the user concept of each property requires to be monitored and constantly regarding the property’s sustainable use and marketablity.

Significant value can often be created by improving usage type and density of building and land. Knowledge and experience in handling the application process of adequate qualified development measures is the key to create these value add potentials

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Develompent Services

ULUA Real Estate GmbH offers all, analysis-, planning-, controlling- and consulting-services required for successful developments.

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